Can Frontier workers also take out a loan?

Loans – also for cFrontier workers ?

Many people live in one country and work in another and here the question arises whether these people can also take out a loan.

While there are of course disadvantages when the job is in one country but the residence is in a neighboring country, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Financial security in particular plays an important role: If you are interested in financial products from the neighboring country, you can usually get them on the same terms as is the case with normal citizens of the respective country. And in Switzerland, unlike in many other countries, borrowers do not even have to state a purpose when applying. Nevertheless, even cross-border commuters should not miss the opportunity to examine the conditions precisely, as some providers have special guidelines and specifications for cross-border commuters.

Even though the interest rate level has only known one direction in the past few years, namely downwards, one should nevertheless take a close look at the respective offers. The conditions and benefits of loans have become more and more complex in recent years and if you feel unsafe in this area, we are happy to help you get the best conditions for a desired loan offer.

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