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Your loan installment protection –

for the case of falls!

The installment protection, your installment protection

Unfortunately, there are always situations in life that are undesirable.
Nevertheless, they step in, hit the middle of life and throw you off course.

The unthinkable happens: an accident, a serious illness, unemployment.
Your monthly income is lost and you can no longer repay your loan, among other things.

The installment protection steps in here and takes over your monthly installments. So you have one less thing to worry about in a difficult situation.

The advantages of rate protection

  • Protection of monthly installments in the event of involuntary unemployment and temporary incapacity for work.
  • Protection of the remaining debt in the event of permanent disability.
  • Payment is conveniently made with the monthly installment.
  • Straightforward graduation without a health exam.

Of course, you can take out installment protection at any time for your current loans.

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