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Interfinanz Kredite GmbH is a tested and certified provider with a Swiss license for loan brokerage.

* Note according to the law: lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness (Art. 3 UWG)

** Interest rate between 4.9 %. and 9.9 %. The APR is individually tailored to your personal situation. It results from the desired loan amount, the loan term and the credit rating.

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In order to be liquid again or to be able to fulfill a longed-for wish, it can happen that sooner or later you want to take some kind of financial help and take out a loan. It is of the greatest importance here that the loan terms are advantageous and suitable. This means that the interest costs are as low as possible and the total costs remain within a reasonable and clear framework. The loan processing fee, which is partly charged by other recruiting agencies, can make a loan considerably more expensive. At Interfinanz Kredite GmbH, your loan request is absolutely free and non-binding. There are no costs for the loan prospect for processing. We procure the desired amount discreetly, quickly and cheaply in the form of a fixed loan – with low interest rates. Fixed loan means that the interest burden is fixed over the entire loan period. This gives you planning security.

Regardless of the purpose for which you need cash, at kreditdienst.ch we offer you all types of credit at extremely fair and favorable conditions. We are also there for you if you want to top up, replace or reschedule a loan. Your application will be processed quickly, discreetly and unbureaucratically so that you will receive a binding offer for your desired amount in the shortest possible time.

You can find a particularly cheap online loan or internet loan at kreditdienst.ch . As a serious Swiss financial partner, Interfinanz is your ideal partner throughout Switzerland. For the financing of the new car or a new home furnishings, as well as for the rescheduling, refinancing, increasing and topping up existing loans, the online loan provider kreditdienst.ch a particularly favorable effective annual interest rate is offered by means of a loan interest calculator. Because especially in the low loan interest, costs and fees are reflected in the calculated loan installment. At Interfinanz Basel, not only employees, but also self-employed people as well as pensioners, IV pensioners, cross-border commuters and foreigners with a C, B, G or L residence permit receive an inexpensive loan. You can choose from 6 to 84 months for the term.

With our loan calculator you can calculate the monthly charge yourself in a very short time. This contributes significantly to security and transparency when choosing the right loan. In this way, you can quickly and reliably find the offer that best suits your needs and budget.

In the current low interest rate environment, it makes particularly sense to replace an expensive personal loan with a debt rescheduling. You benefit from lower interest rates and pay less. The offers of the various financial institutions can then easily be combined with the online banking partner in order to obtain the best financing. at kreditdienst.ch you can also consolidate two or more loans, i.e. combine them.

A good credit rating or a positive scoring of the applicant is essential for all banks. Without a good credit rating, it will be difficult or almost impossible to get money awarded. But if the personal prerequisites for a good credit rating are met, you can count on being accepted very quickly. There is also hope for loan seekers who, for whatever reason, have a registered debt enforcement agency, as there are banks that tolerate a small, registered debt enforcement agency. Because of this, you can at kreditdienst.ch also get a loan with execution. As a renowned and extremely experienced financial services company, we are committed to the high demands of our customers. The continuously increasing number of satisfied customers speaks for itself. What you ultimately use the money for is up to you to decide. We only support you in achieving your term. In any case, the cash received is at your disposal without specifying a purpose.

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