The credit check

The credit check – documents required for your credit application.

All credits, financing or loans are subject to a strict test criterion by the bank.

At the request of the bank, each loan application is checked against specific documents, receipts and evidence. Depending on the amount, duration and purpose of use, different documents are required and must be made available to the bank by the loan applicant as quickly as possible for an examination. The faster the bank can complete the check, the faster the payment will be made. For this reason, a speedy examination is also in the interests of the applicant

As a rule, the applicant must submit the following documents: a copy of ID, i.e. a copy of the passport or identity card, for foreigners a copy of the corresponding residence permit C, B, G or L, the last 3 to 6 salary slips with inspection of the monthly income and in the case of a temporary employment relationship, a confirmation of employment from the employer. Marital status, current place of residence including full address and the number of children who are responsible for custody must also be stated.

Evidence of existing financing such as leasing, loans or credit card commitments, etc. must also be provided. These can be presented on the basis of bank statements or credit agreements.

In order to check the creditworthiness, it is necessary that proof of the monthly income or the pension is provided. A salary slip from the employer or a pension notification are sufficient for this, and a corresponding bank statement is usually also valid.

The faster the documents are handed over to the bank, the faster you can have your new loan at your disposal. It is always advisable to upload the documents immediately after completing the application form and send them together with the loan application, or to take them with you at the first appointment with your credit advisor. Any documents you provide will of course be treated as strictly confidential. Like banks, credit intermediaries are subject to Swiss banking secrecy.

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