Credit intermediary

The loan broker, a loan shark? – The bad reputation is not justified!

The term credit intermediary is unfortunately mostly negative and many people think of dubious and commission-hungry loan sharks. But there are also a number of serious credit intermediaries in Switzerland who support people with their money problems every day with great commitment and great success. A reputable credit brokerage company relies on good contacts to several banks and financial institutions such as Bank Now, Credit Now, Cashgate, Cembra, etc., to which it forwards the applications received after carefully compiling all the necessary documents. Thanks to years of experience and good relationships with lenders, not only normally solvent people, but also often somewhat problematic customers can be found for a loan. Especially if you have a lower income, a registered debt enforcement agency or an entry in your ZEK register, it makes sense to contact Interfinanz, an experienced credit broker. Because good advice is free with Interfinanz. Interfinanz has explicitly specialized in all common types of credit and offers all target groups specifically and individually tailored and tailored offers.

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