Increase credit

Increase credit – made easy with Interfinanz.

If you want to increase, top up or replace a loan, you should do so with as much care as when you take out a new loan. Interfinanz offers a lot of help and support here. After receiving the request, we work with our partner banks in Switzerland to find an individual solution tailored to the customer. We offer a new loan competently and reliably, on favorable terms and at lower interest rates, which also provides better repayment rates and thus optimally replaces the old loan.

If, while looking at your account balance, you have ever been annoyed about your loan and its far too high interest rates and thought: “I would get this loan much cheaper elsewhere today”, then it is time to think about a redemption.

Inexpensive, secure and discreet – three main features of

Swiss loan agreements have a fixed term. This varies between 6 and 84 months, during which you have to repay the loan in monthly installments. If an existing loan is paid off early or replaced by a cheaper loan, this means the loss of further interest income for the bank. However, this is exactly your advantage. A bank exchange with the advantage of being able to get a cheaper loan can be made at any time. So if you want to redeem your expensive loan, all you have to do is fill out the application provided for this at and send it off so that the desired redemption can be carried out quickly and easily. The time is now to replace your loan and switch to a new and cheap loan. The redemption is also worthwhile if you have several loans open. Here it usually makes sense to consolidate the many small loans into one large loan. Such refinancing or rescheduling has the advantages that you have a much better overview of your own finances and can save interest.

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