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Car loan – advantages over leasing

Do you want to buy a car or a motorcycle? It can happen that the necessary liquidity is missing for the purchase and that financing from the bank has to be used. In order to be able to buy the vehicle, the question arises: what is cheaper, a car loan or a leasing?

Leasing is offered by a bank or other financial institution at a temptingly low interest rate. A car loan or motorcycle loan is also offered by banks and other financial institutions. The interest rates seem higher at first glance, but the overall costs are lower than with a lease.

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Below you have the opportunity to see the advantages of a car loan over leasing. See for yourself and, if you are interested, apply for your motorcycle or car loan at – your professional financing partner.

It is very easy to apply for loans at With the money that you receive from the bank i, you as a cash payer at the dealer can benefit from special conditions, discounts and extras, as you have a stronger negotiating position, which ultimately means that you can still use your automobile or motorcycle will have more joy. Even buying a car or motorcycle from a private person is easier to finance with a car loan or motorcycle loan than with leasing.

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With car or motorcycle financing through a loan, you become the owner and the car or motorcycle you have bought belongs to you immediately. This is not the case with financing through leasing. The car or motorcycle that you have leased through a leasing company belongs to the bank or financial service provider for the entire term of the contract. With leasing, you only have the right to use the vehicle for the contractually agreed term while adhering to the specified number of kilometers. Simply selling the vehicle is out of the question when it comes to leasing, because premature termination of the leasing contract is charged to the lessee with high fees and an unfavorable redemption value. This cannot happen to you with a car loan or motorcycle loan, because you are the vehicle owner and can sell it again at any time.

With a car loan or motorcycle loan you simply drive cheaper, because in addition to the great flexibility of the loans, you do not need to take out fully comprehensive insurance for insurance as is required for leasing. So you can choose and take out only partially comprehensive or only liability insurance for your new car or motorcycle. In this way, enormous costs can be saved.

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Finally, it should be mentioned that the interest on car loans and motorcycle loans are tax-wise more attractive than the interest on leasing. Loan interest can be deducted from your taxable income and thus noticeably reduce your tax bill.

As you can see, a loan has many advantages over leasing. As experienced specialists in car loans and motorcycle loans, we recommend ourselves and offer you a first-class service in terms of application, advice and rapid disbursement.

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