Credit for frontier worker

Credit for frontier worker – safe, cheap and discreet, even across borders

A frontier worker is a person whose place of residence and work are in two different countries, mostly close to the border. The person concerned must not have their own place of residence in the country in which the job is located. Frontier worker have the great advantage that they can benefit from financial products in their home country as well as in the country in which they work. If frontier worker opt for the latter option, they usually receive the financial products on the same or similar terms as citizens of the country in question. This is particularly worthwhile if the frontier worker does not want to specify the purpose for the loan applied for. In addition to the well-known legal regulations, there are sometimes special regulations for frontier worker. However, these usually do not have a particularly negative effect.

Inexpensive personal loan – with a good credit rating, it is unbureaucratic and safe

A frontier worker loan is characterized by low interest rates and is therefore very popular with many German, French and Italian frontier worker. It is always advisable to use a specialized broker such as Interfinanz Kredite GmbH in order to obtain favorable conditions. We have made our location close to the border in Basel to our advantage and also specialize in brokering loans to frontier worker. Any type of financing in Swiss francs is generally possible for frontier worker. With our financing options, you also benefit from the low Swiss interest rate and flexible repayment options.

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