Credit for foreigners

Loans for foreigners – cheap loans also for foreign citizens

The conditions for foreigners to get a cheap loan in Switzerland do not differ significantly from the conditions for Swiss citizens. In addition to a regular income as a basic requirement, the credit check must of course also be positive. This includes, among other things, a positive ZEK register information. Foreigners need a valid B, C, G or L residence permit, otherwise they have no way of getting a loan from a bank.

A foreigner loan – with Interfinanz to reach your goal safely and easily here too

As a rule, a loan for foreigners is applied for directly and quickly via the Internet. The pre-application can be filled out discreetly using the online form and sent immediately to the agent. On the basis of the information provided by the applicant, the bank then makes a decision, after a detailed credit check, as to whether the requested online loan can be granted. If the decision is positive, the agent sends the contract to the customer by post. The contract then only needs to be signed and sent back to the bank via the intermediary, together with any documents, receipts or evidence required by the bank. After the complete documents have been received, the payment will be made after the statutory waiting period of fourteen days. The interest rate for a loan for foreigners is the same as that for Swiss citizens with the same creditworthiness. The term also plays a role in the interest rate. Because the longer this is, the longer there is a financial default risk for the bank. This means that the interest rate is lower for a short term than for a long term.

Are you interested in a loan for foreigners? We look forward to your inquiry. By the way: We speak German, French, Italian, English, Spanish.