Low-cost loans for disabled people too

Inexpensive credit for the disabled – we also stand up for the disabled.

Anyone who wants to take out or apply for a loan in Switzerland should usually be able to meet some of the conditions and requirements of the banks. This essentially includes the monthly income, which should be at least CHF 2500. In addition, the loan applicant must have a Swiss passport or ID, or be in possession of a valid B, C, G or L residence permit. In order for a credit check to be carried out successfully, there must also be no certificates of loss and / or ongoing seizures against the borrower or the loan applicant.

Of course, it is also possible for IV recipients or disabled people to get a loan in Switzerland.
If an IV recipient or disabled person wants to take out or apply for a consumer loan, their creditworthiness is checked by the bank in the same way as that of any other loan applicant. Anyone who has limited or limited ability to work due to or as a result of a disability usually receives additional income through a pension, which is then also assessed as income by the financial institution. This as soon as it can be proven that the pension is being paid in regularly and permanently.

Disabled people are consumers like the rest of the population. When it comes to buying something on credit, a basic requirement for all loan seekers is the same; Your creditworthiness, i.e. the payment history of the respective loan applicant, must be in order. Today, when numerous loan inquiries can be made immediately and directly online, it is not clear from the loan inquiry or the loan application whether the loan applicant is disabled, i.e. whether he or she is an IV recipient or invalid. If the loan request of the respective loan applicant passes the credit check of the bank, the loan or financing is approved in the same way as for any other loan applicant.

Swiss loans can be taken out or applied for with a loan amount of CHF 1,000 to CHF 150,000. You can opt for a direct payment of the loan amount at the bank counter, or you can have the desired amount transferred to a bank account or postal account. It should be noted that for loans, i.e. for a loan amount below CHF 80,000, there is a legally prescribed period or waiting time of seven days until the loan is paid out.

At Interfinanz Kredite GmbH Basel Switzerland, as an IV recipient, you too can receive your loan inexpensively and easily. It is up to you to decide for yourself what you ultimately need the credit or the loan arranged cheaply through us. We provide the desired loan assistance with competence and the necessary discretion. The cash received following our loan service is at your disposal without specifying a purpose.

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